This tour is like no ordinary Miami tour. This is the tour that rocks!!!

Miami Movie Tours gives the opportunity to be in the presence of famous landmarks and areas that been used for blockbuster films. Ever thought about what goes on in sets of your favorite movies? Well now here is your chance to find out for yourself! Learn some fascinating tidbits about these films and learn a whole bunch of things from seasoned producers, actors and actresses that act as your tour guide for the entire trip. Never know what to expect, must always be on your toes and be on the look out to test your movie knowledge to win prizes and have fun!!

These are some of the movie location list: •Scarface •Burn Notice •Bad Boys •Miami Vice 

•2 Fast 2 Furious •The Bird Cage •Transporter 2 •Dexter •Ace Ventura •James Bond 007

•and much more!!!

Get to see some of the private homes of Miami celebrities!!!

Luxury Vehicles - We can accommodate any group size.

Corporate - We will make your corporate tour fun and exciting and accommodate your business schedule.

• Door To Door - With door to door service we will pick up from your location and bring back to your desired destination.

• Time - We will schedule your tour to what ever works better for your travel plans. 

• Refreshments - "On the tour" we serve refreshments are all included.

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